Magic is a pseudo science. Not everyone can be a wizard, warlock, sorcerer, etc. Mea touches the lives of certain people, gifts them with the ability to channel magic. The gift isn’t necessarily imparted at birth, it could take years or decades to manifest. When one casts a spell or starts a ritual, they open themselves to the magical flow of the world and that energy flows through them. Being open to that connection causes the eyes of the caster glow, making them easily identifiable as an arcane user. An arcana check can mask this effect. Some people regard magic users with disdain or jealousy, but for the most part, people are fairly accepting, especially when the user is acting in that person’s interests.

Having the gift doesn’t automatically grant you the ability to be tossing fireballs around. Much of what is still known about magic is passed from master to apprentice, learned from tomes, or, less commonly, trial and error. New discoveries are fairly rare, but reclaiming of Elder magics shows promise.

Most attempts to imbue items with magical properties have failed, thus limiting the number of magic items in the world. Magical weapons and armor were created by or under the supervision of the Elder, and don’t seem to be affected by the failing of other magical devices.

  • NOTE: The ritual “Enchant Magic Item (lvl 4)” is not currently available.


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