Mea – Goddess of Magic, Music, and Knowledge

Tianna – Goddess of Wilderness and Agriculture

Calysta – Goddess of Sea and Storm, Love and Luck

Oren – God of Smithing/Mining/Technology, Dwarves

Milandra – Goddess of sun/light, truth, justice

Elar – God of Shadows/Night, Actors, and Thieves

The Shrouded One – The God of Life and Death

While “active” the Gods tend not to act in the favor of one course of action or another, they don’t take sides, but they do come to their followers in times of great need, or to reward them, and grant their clerics divine powers.

For people choosing a divine character, the Channel Divinity feat and powers associated directly to certain gods of other pantheons, pick a power and come talk to me. We’ll try and find a way to make the power work for your deity.


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