Physical characteristics don’t differ, but some of the histories have changed.

- See PHB, page 36

- See PHB, page 40 Lifespan: 250-300 years


Eladrin are very similar to Elves, but are believed to be descendants of the couplings of human and Elder. Because of their remoteness, eladrin have a detached view of the world. Eladrin often have difficulty believing that events in the world have much importance to them, and they consider courses of action that can last for centuries. Their general detachment from the world can make eladrin seem distant and intimidating to other races. Their fey nature also makes them simultaneously alluring and a little frightening. However, eladrin take friendships and alliances to heart and can react with swift fury when their friends are endangered. Combined with their intellect, bravery, and magical power, this loyalty makes them powerful and respected allies.

Half Elf
- See PHB, page 43 Lifespan: 160-180 years

Drow Lifespan: 250-300 years?

Drow were once one with the Elven race, but long ago, Tianna came to the Elven people and asked that an army be raised to quell an uprising in Dorr’ym, the world underneath. Dark, unnatural creatures were growing in numbers and the need to defend the world from their chaos was great. Many thousands of elves abandoned their forested homes to answer the call. The war was not short, persisting even now, and thousands of years underground, away from the sun have darkened their skin, whitened their hair, so the drow no longer resemble their elven brethren.

The Dorr’ym is harsh and unforgiving, making the drow equally so. Young drow are drilled endlessly on a number of battle techniques and strategies, are sent on scouting missions, and otherwise trained for the battle against the enemies of their people. The drow are known for their fine weaponry, the dark tunnels of the Dorr’ym providing excellent materials, and the need for ever sharper, deadlier blades. They are also famous for their fierce loyalty to each other, and their one track minds, always seeing a task through to the end.

Though they still battle to defend the civilized races, the drow harbour a grudge against most surface races. They have received little help in their struggle, though they battle for the safety of all. Their closest things to allies are the dwarves, having forged a tenuous alliance, stamping out years of the drow raiding dwarven settlements and trade routes for supplies. The elven nation is regarded with contempt for their cowardice, remaining safely above while their cousins fight for survival. The drow may be mistrusted amongst other races for their ‘ends justify the means’ stance on most anything.

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Shifters – As werebeings.

Shifters are touched by wild magic, mixing their form with that of a wolf or a panther. Wild magic is turning more and more people as the control of magic is lost. Shifters tend to be more feral than the average person, and can have troubles controlling their animal instincts. As such, they’re considered dangerous, and are most often shunned by their villages and towns. Tribes of shifters have formed in an attempt to find acceptance, and families and younglings are not uncommon. They are fiercely loyal, often pack like, and their tribes are wary of outsiders because of their mistreatment. Tribes are often led by the strongest and or wisest.

Although Shifters have no quarrel with races as a whole, they are often treated with apprehension by most races because of their feral nature.


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